Thanks for reading and I'm sorry it offends. You make some valid points but it seems your criticism of me being misleading and insulting centers around Shiller's methods and character rather than anything I've written. I agree that confronting someone in such a manner isn't personable but I'm not accountable for how he writes, all I've done is paraphrase the passage from his book which makes the same point about speculation. I've provided the source author/material and quoting the work of someone more credible to advance a point is common and required practice in literature. My point, as you'll note, is around speculative behavior, buying predicated on a view that the price will appreciate without any without any understanding, interest or valid attempt to understand the fundamentals and i believe this is Shiller's point too. It doesn't mean that people who justifiably praise or invest shouldn't do so without technical knowledge. It refers to the fact that, given the people who have bought Bitcoin, causing the price to steeply appreciate, what are their motives for doing so. The term speculator is not an offensive one, in fact anyone in commodity markets without an interest in taking/making delivery of the underlying is called a speculator. In other words, I understand you dislike and disagree with Shiller's method and the passage , but that doesn't make me actively misleading or insulting.

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