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  • Ekagra Gupta

    Ekagra Gupta

    Founder and Editor of ProjectF1. I compose thought pieces that bring data-driven insights to my passion for Formula 1.

  • Dr. Varshita Sher

    Dr. Varshita Sher

    Data Scientist @ Alan Turing Institute | Explain like I am 5 | Oxford & SFU Alumni | https://podurama.com

  • Investor's Odyssey

    Investor's Odyssey

  • Chanin Nantasenamat

    Chanin Nantasenamat

    Founder of Data Professor YouTube Channel | Associate Professor of Bioinformatics | Head, Center of Data Mining and Biomedical Informatics

  • Secretary Janet Yellen

    Secretary Janet Yellen

    78th Secretary of the Treasury. Former Fed Chair. Always an economist.

  • Ahmar Shah, PhD (Oxford)

    Ahmar Shah, PhD (Oxford)

    Scientist (several research publications in prestigious journals such as The Lancet, Brain, Thorax, IEEE Transactions), love writing for meaning & impact…

  • Mario A Riveras

    Mario A Riveras

    All started w/ my curiosity about nutrition. While eager to understand why it’s so important and how to use science to explain it. Founded @satislifed

  • Andre Ye

    Andre Ye

    ML enthusiast. Get my book: https://bit.ly/modern-dl-book. Join Medium through my referral link: https://andre-ye.medium.com/membership.

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