Why financial machine learning hasn’t kept up

In recent times, thanks to developments in both research and computation power, we have seen vast advances in the field of machine learning with applications spanning fields such as e-commerce, manufacturing and transportation. So much so that in some narrow cases AI has been shown to exceed even human capabilities

Obstacles That Challenge Its Acceptance

As the price of Bitcoin surged to yet another all time high, crypto-mania has truly taken hold as seasoned hedge fund investors have signaled their openness to allocating to the digital currency while JP Morgan has presented long-term forecasts as high as $146,000. Despite the renewed enthusiasm that accompanied Bitcoin’s…

A Breakdown of a Timeless Investing Metric

Since the popularization of value investing by Benjamin Graham in “The Intelligent Investor” (and Security Analysis) the price earnings ratio(PE) has been a favorite among investors to help gauge the valuation of stocks. While its does provide a simple and easy to understand metric, its use can be subjective and…

Mikhail Mew

Researcher | Investor | Data Scientist | Curious Observer. Thoughts and insights from the confluence of investing and machine learning.

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